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If you ask that question of a college or university, and if you spell the word "accept" the way you spelled it (as "except") while so doing (as you did here), then I would have to say "no," probably not... at least not in your case, I'm guessing. And the reason is that if you don't even know the difference between "except" and "accept," then you're probably not good college material. That said, if you're very young... say, for example, young enough that you're at the point where you're just beginning high school, well, then, your error could, I suppose, be forgiven. But there is no excuse for anyone who has already graduated from high school making a rookie mistake like that! But I digress. Sorry. In answer to your question... ACI is an "accreditatioin mill." It's as simple as that. SEE: ACI is not a legitimate educational accreditor approved by the US Department of Education (USDoE), or by USDoE's first cousin, the Council on Higher Education Accrediation (CHEA). If any accreditor (or any agency which alleges to be an accreditor) is not approved by either USDoE or CHEA, then it's not a legitimate educational accreditor. Period. Any institution which claims to be accredited by ACI is dubious, at best. The owner/operator of the institution which claims to be ACI-accredited is almost certainly well aware of how difficult and expensive and time-consuming is real accreditation... that's almost certainly why he chose ACI instead. Knowing how long real accreditation takes, how expensive it is, how many visits the accreditor makes and all the hoops through which it makes the school jump... knowing all those things, the owner/operator of the ACI-accredited school would have to know that ACI wasn't legit when all he had to do was write a check and, poof, his institution was suddenly accredited. There are never any innocents in situations like these. Any institution which claims ACI accreditation (or accreditation by any other alleged "accreditor" which isn't USDoE- and/or CHEA-approved) is trying to pull a fast one on the consumer. All anyone has to do these days is be alive, breathing, and within earshot of a radio or TV to see/hear news stories about diploma mills and accreditation mills. The general public is finally asking if institutions are accredited, and shying-away from those that aren't. However, the general public, while I knows to ask if a given institution is accredited, it doesn't really know enough about accreditation to know what the answer to their question actually means. The public hears the word "accredited" or "accreditation" and just assumes that it's legit. The owner/operators of dubious institutions know that the general public isn't generally smart enough to know if ACI is legit. Such owner/operators only know that the public is looking for the words "accredited" or "accreditation," and will be happy if it finds them. So, said dubious institutions get ACI accreditation so that they can have those magic words on their web sites. It's slight-of-hand... misdirection. Shame on the last of them. There's no accident in it. They know what they're doing... they always know. There are, as I said, no innocents. Accredited colleges and universities tend not to recognize high school diplomas or college degrees from dubious institutions. That said, many community colleges accept students with only home-schooled high-school educations; or sometimes even no high-school at all. If you haven't gotten your high school diploma yet, and if you're still young enough to choose where you go to high school, then go to an accredited one (and by "accredited," I mean accredited by an agency approved by the USDoE and/or CHEA). If you want to get an accredited high school diploma from home, then you can sign-up for one of the many regionally-accredited distance learning high schools that may be easily found on the internet. Their prices vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. But shop around, and you should be able to find one within your budget. One that I know of offers an entire reginally accredited high school diploma program (all four years), via distance learning, for under $500 for the whole shebang. Just, whatever you do, make sure that the distance learning (or whatever kind of) high school you choose is regionally accredited by an agency approved by USDoE and/or CHEA. And whatever you do, stay away from anything "accredited" (and I use the term loosely, in its case) by ACI!

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Q: Can you get into college with a Accrediting Commission International ACI high school diploma and if so which ones except it?
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