Can you sell greek drachmas

Updated: 11/23/2022
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Q: Can you sell greek drachmas
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What are the Greek gods currency called?


What is the symbol for Greek drachmas?

₯ is the symbol for drachma

Did they have money in Greek mythology?

Yes. It was called drachmas.

Did Greek us money?

Yes. They used drachmas.

What is the new greek currency?

the new greek currency is euro. it has replaced the earlier drachmas.

What is the value of a 50 drachmas Greek bill 1939?

what is value

What type of money did they use in Greek mythology?

They used gold drachmas.

Did ancient Greek always use money?

Yes. They used drachmas.

How much is a 100 apaxmai ekaton in US dollar?

This is a measure of Greek Drachmas, which are no longer used. Drachmas have no value in US dollars.

What did greek gods call money?

The Greek gods/goddesses used drachmas. These were big coins that were made usually of gold.

What island did Hercules charge only ten drachmas for an autographed photo?

The Greek Island. Everything that has to do with Greece is on the Greek Island, you know.

What is the value of a Greek commemorative silver 30 Drachma dated 1865-1965?

30 drachmas