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Yes, James Longstreet graduated from the academy in 1842 ranking 54th in a class of 56 cadets.

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Q: Did James Longstreet go to US Military Academy at West Point?
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What miliitary college did James longstreet go to?

James Longstreet graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point in 1842.

Where was James Longstreet educated?

For eight years he was educated in the Academy of Richmond County. Then , in 1842 he graduated at west Point Military Academy.

Where did General Longstreet graduate?

He graduated from West Point Military Academy

Where was James Longstreet's military training?

He was a graduate of West Point, and served in the US Army during the war with Mexico.

What year did Confederate Major General James Longstreet graduate from West Point?

James Longstreet held the rank of major general in the Confederate army. He graduated 54th in the West Point class of 1842.

Is westpoint a college or university?

westpoint college or westpoint military academy

What military academy did Presidents Grant and Eisenhower attend?

West Point. US Army Military Academy at West Point, NY

Why did Dwight Eisenhower go to the military academy?

United States Military Academy at West Point

Was James Longstreet for slavery?

No. Although Longstreet was raised by his uncle, who was a state's rights advocate, James Longstreet did not support slavery. It is believed that the Longstreet family owned some slaves, but there is no evidence that James Longstreet himself ever owned a slave. Longstreet was a career military man and thought slavery was an evil institution. He mainly joined the Confederacy because the state of Alabama paid for his schooling at West Point and felt that he owed them. After the war, he became a Republican and actively supported civil and voting rights for African-Americans, which angered many Southerners. He spoke out against racism and did everything he could to end white supremacy. When he lived in Louisiana, President Grant (who was a very close friend to Longstreet since their days at West Point) allowed Longstreet to use African-American troops to stop the the violence there.

What is the first military academy in America?

It is called the New York Military Academy, and was established in 1889 by Charles Jefferson Wright. It is located 60 miles north of New York in the town of Cornwall-on-Hudson. There is also the US Army Military Academy at West Point.

What was the name of the military academy that Robert E Lee went to?

The United States Military Academy at West Point.

Which city and state is The US Military Academy located in?

The US Military Academy is in West Point, New York.