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Q: Do colleges in Michigan have dorms?
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How many colleges have air condition in dorms?

30.7 %

What colleges have dorms for women with children?

Wilson College, PA

Do any colleges allow parrots in dorms?

Ask the college that you will/are attending.

What community colleges in Texas have dorms?

Wikipedia has a growing list of community colleges with campus housing. Look there for Jr colleges in Texas and surrounding states that have dorms.

Does Valparaiso community college have dorms?

Only Valparaiso University does. Many community colleges don't have dorms or student housing since many students are part time and work.

What are some good colleges in Michigan?

Michigan state is one of the many great colleges in Michigan. You can look up some of the highest ranked schools in Michigan in your local library. Great choice.

Where are the closest colleges to our home located in Michigan?

There are many excellent colleges in Michigan. Some I can recommend are Central Michigan college, Delta college, Concordia university, Oakland university and Michigan state university.

What are some colleges with swim teams?

University of Michigan

How many Miami colleges are in the united states?

try michigan state university in east lansing michigan

What colleges did General Ford attend?

Michigan State University

Where can I find information on community colleges in Michigan?

There are many good community colleges in the Michigan area. A comprehensive list can be found on the following Good luck with your future studies.

Colleges for forensic scientist?

Madonna University in Lavonia Michigan is one! Madonna University in Lavonia Michigan is one!