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no they do not come loose because it can not open so your bf cannot open it with his penis so you have to go to the dr nd they will open it for you with something i ont know what they use to open it with just trust the dr because he will know what h is doing. Not saying that you cant trust your bf its just if it wont open with your boyfriends penis the dont keep trying to open it just go to the dr and he will sort it out and hopefully you will enjoy sex with your boyfriend finally

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Q: Do tubal with clamps come loose?
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Can tubal clips come undone?

It is possible for the clips used in a tubal ligation to come undone or loose. It can happen for various reasons, but it is a fairly rare occurrence.

You have had a tubal with clamps and was wondering what percentage you have of getting pregnant?

If you had bilateral tubal ligation, there is 100% chance of not getting pregnant.

Can your tubal clamps fall off?

Not if they were applied correctly, the clamps are crimped shut.

How much does it cost to have your tubal clamps removed?

$17.00 here in the US

What can happen clamps come off after sterilization?

They have to be surgically removed. Had mine out 10 years after tubal, they both were off and creating scar tissue in my abdomen.

What is the definition of tubal ligation clamps?

mine are titanium clamps placed onto the fallopian tubes to prevent the passage of sperm to an egg.

Can excersise make clamps fall off fallopian tubes?

Exercise will not make clamps fall off fallopian tubes. There are no activity restrictions after tubal ligation.

How long does the clamps on your tubes usaully last?

The clamps on your tubal ligation are supposed to last a lifetime. If problems occur sometimes they have to be removed to correct a problem. That is not a common occurrance.

A pelvic ultra sound sHow is that one of your tubal ligation clamps has come undone your doctor says not to worry about it since you are past child bearing age Is there any danger in just ignoring it?


How you know if the tubal ligation clip fell off?

they did an exray and found that my right clip fell off my tubiligation should I be worried?

How long after having a tubal with clamps how many years does it happen when you get pregnant?

You need to re-word your question, it does not make sense.

Can you get a tubal reversal after having them clamped?

Yes it is possible. Having clamps and then having the procedure reversed leads to excellent healthy fallopian tube lengths. This is one of the best tubal ligation methods to reverse.