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Medical schools require a regionally-accredited Bachelor's degree to matriculate. In short, yes.

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-Ok you need a 4 year bachelors degree and then you just have to go to dental school

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Q: Do you have to get a four year degree before going to a medical school?
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How can a Phamacist do MD Doctor of medicine?

A pharmacist can earn a medical degree by going back to school. They would have to apply to medical school, get accepted, and finish medical school to earn their medical degree just like anyone else who wants to be a physician.

What should you study before going to law school?

It really does not matter what you get your degree in. Most schools are looking for a bachelor's degree.

Can a dispensing optician upgrade to become an optometrist?

Yes, an optometrist(OD) can become an ophthalmologist by going to medical school and earning a medical degree such as the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), or Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree. By going back to school for graduate medical training, an optometrist can become an ophthalmologist just as a physician could become an OD by going back to school for graduate optometric training.

Does it matter what degree you study before going to med-school to be an anesthesiologist?

It does matter... Find out here..

What type of school do you go to to become a lawyer?

In most countries you go to law school. In most places it is considered a post-graduate degree. That means you've finished a college degree before going there.

What classes do you have to take to be psychiatrist?

You have to go to Medical School to be a Psychiatrist. A real Medical School not one of those ones they advertise for on television. You need a BA degree before Med School in which you could major in Psychology but I'm not even sure it's necessary. You could be a Psychologist with just a BA but most places doing the hiring want a Psychologist who has a Masters degree. Bottom line, both are going to require a lot more time, energy, and money than you have realized.

Can you go to any four year college to become a pediatrician?

Well Yes and No. A Pediatrician is a medical physician with a specialization. While you really must have a 4 year degree, you cannot get a medical degree or be a Pediatrician with just a four year degree - from any school. It takes much more schooling. Getting a Medical degree requires going/graduating from a medical school. That is a many years program done after college. Once one gets their Doctorate degree, they then need to take certain becomes more a hands on thing than you may consider school at this that specialization. Additional to getting the degree's you need is to pass certain professional tests to be certified/licensed so that you are actually able to work in the field. Like anything there are exceptions, but in the very competitive field of medicine, for a Medical school to accept you it is best to have gone to a 4 year (or undergraduate) college at an institution of high regard...not just any school, AND to have taken a specific course of programs preparing one for medical school. Generally in the Sciences. (So, just going to a great school and getting a four year degree in say Accounting, won't eliminate you, but it isn't really going to lead to you being very desired by a medical school). There are also entry tests, similar to the SAT in high school, that the medical schools rely on. Basically aptitude and knowledge based, to identify people who have the inherent ability to be a physican.

Is it best to get a degree in medical coding or is a certificate?

I think the certificate is shorter time in school than a degree but I'll go with the degree than an certificate any day. You can opt for online training programs as it is going to be you who is going to set the pace for your training. There wont be any distraction as you can do it anyplace and anytime you like.

What is the best type of biology degree?

There is no "best" degree when it comes to majors in college. What is important is how you apply it. A degree in biology is certainly more broad and will give you different opportunities (like going to medical school or doing another science related career)

Do you need to go to college before going to med school?

kinda helps. you need a base qualification and then you can get a full medical quallification

Where can I earn a degree in Medical Transcription?

You can earn a degree in Medical Transcription by going to Another good site is

Why do you have to go to medical school to be a doctor?

The most immediate answer is that you can't get a medical license without going to medical school. Medical school is considered one of the requirements to protect the public when they are seeking medical care.