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if on nys unemployment, if sick, should you say no work that week and say workman's comp?

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No ,not if you are receiving temporary total or permanent total disability benefits because you must be medically able and available for work to qualify for unemployment.

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Q: Does florida law allow you to receive unemployment comp and workers comp at the same time?
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Can you receive unemployment 6 years after being fired?

Generally, no. Unemployment eligibility depends on the state; some allow unemployment payments if you were fired for cause, while many do NOT allow it. Unemployment is currently paid for 99 weeks, about 19 months. After 6 years without work, it's very unlikely that you could receive unemployment. But I suppose it's worth asking; what's the worst that they could say? NO! Then you're no worse off than you would be if you didn't ask. But I wouldn't count on it.

If someone receives unemployment is it illegal for that person to receive money from somewhere else for example an online business they own?

It depends on the state. Some consider an "owned business" means "not unemployed." Others allow it if the income is reported and it complies with the terms of the unemployment compensation you receive. Check with your state's unemployment office for clarification.

What can happen to the economy when the level of unemployment is very low?

If unemployment rates are low, the economy will become stronger. This is because more people have jobs and income that allow them to spend more.

What states allow consent to rate for Workers' Compensation?

Florida, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts

How can you receive unemployment and work only part time?

If you have a work history that qualifies you to receive unemployment benefits in the first place, check with the employment security office in your state. Most states will allow your earning some income while on benefits, but each has their own formulas for doing so.

Can you receive nys unemployment if you receive a severance package?

Generally you will be disqualified for the amount of time that you receive severance. For example, if your weekly benefits are $400 a week and you earned $1200 severance, then you will be disqualified for a month.

If you live in Michigan and you quit one job for a new job and then was let go from the new job after three weeks can you collect unemployment or will you be denied?

You will be denied. You have to work somewhere for a full year to receive unemployment. And quitting a job does not allow you to collect either.

Can you collect unemployment benefits if you collect Social Security?

Yes, if you meet eligibility requirements for both programs. New York repealed the Social Security offset regulations that reduced unemployment compensation for people who were claiming both benefits. Both Social Security and the State of New York allow workers to collect unemployment and Social Security at the same time without applying a penalty to either check.

If you quit because you refuse to work out of state can you collect unemployment?

Most states allow a worker to quit and receive benefits if it was for good reason and connected to the job, which it appears to be the case here.

Does workers compensation allow you to seek a second opinion in New york?

Does workers compensation allow you to seek a second opinion

Do you need to tell your employer that you are collecting unemployment benefits?

It would be a good even better one is to notify your state's employment security office that you are working. While the state may allow you to work part time for a partial unemployment check, you're required to report all income you receive.

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