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It's such a standard pat question, why give it a pat answer? If you make your interviewer laugh, you might get the job. And if he/she/it has no sense of humor, you don't want to work for them anyway. Tell them you are "mostly on time, usually sober, and not prone to going postal, except when you have too much caffeine; and if they don't believe you they can call your parole officer" Sounds funny, but I used it and HAVE BEEN AT THE COMPANY 8 MONTHS!

Well. that is surely an approach. But, you should express why you want the job, If the job is a maker for Starbucks, then you could give an answer like this:

I would be a good fit to this company because I know what cofee is, how it is made and all of the history behind it. I also would be a good fit to this compant because I am good with people and would like to help them when they do come to Starbucks.

Based off of what i am writing, you can tell that you are truthful about what you are writing. The person above did try to be funny, and maybe that did get him the job. Though we never were told what job he got. You can never be sure if your boss has a sense of humor, so go with the classic way please!



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Q: How do you answer 'What makes you a good fit with this company'?
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