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tighten belt or replace it if it is glazed on contact surfaces

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Q: How do you reduce slip on belt drive?
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How do you release serpentine belt tension on 2000 Sonata?

The tensioner does not need removing. It just needs to be swung out (clockwise) of the way to reduce the tension on the belt so the belt can slip over the pulleys. The tensioner has a slot, towards its end, for a 3/8 drive in it. Place the drive into that slot and you get the leverage to overcome the tension in the spring.

What happens when the drive belt on a cars water pump is loose?

Could cause the belt to slip and the engine to overheat.

Why does your 91 dodge spirit drive belt slip off when wet?

Tighten it or replace it.

Does dry drive belt affect the performance of dynamos?

yes, it might cause it to slip.

How do you replace a drive belt on a forty two inch TORO mower?

You will need to remove the cutting deck to get to the blades. Here you will find the drive belt, which you just slip off.

How do you replace a drive belt on your Yardman 17HP 42 deck lawnmower?

remove the drive pulley, slip the belt on, then down through the frame onto the idlers that the pedal controls... done..

What is the difference between a belt and a motor-driven platter rotation?

The difference is the belt starts to slip very minute differences in tonation, direct drive is better.

What would cause the serpentine belt on my 1997 Saturn Sw to slip off?

a bad pulley or misaligned driven component. If one of the pulleys in the system is tilted it will drive the belt off in that direction. the belt has stretched and needs replacing

Will a bad air compressor stop a 1993 Cadillac Sedan Deville 4.9 liter from starting?

If the clutch on the ac compressor is not turning freely then the drive belt will either slip or not allow the engine to turn over. But most likely, the belt will slip and the engine will still turn over.

Why does the snow blower power slip in the drive system?

The snow blower power may slip in the drive system due to a worn or loose belt, lack of proper tension on the belt, or a faulty drive system component such as the pulley or clutch. Regular maintenance and proper adjustment of the drive system can help prevent slipping issues.

What is the belt tensioner purpose?

To keep tension on the belt so as not to slip.

What is centrifugal tension?

As with any other rotational system in a belt drive during rotation, the belt is subjected to centrifugal force. Due to the centrifugal force the belt is thrown outward from the grooves of the pulley and causes additional tensioning of the belt. The effect of centrifugal tension is that it reduces the pretension of the belt and hence increases belt slip.