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el pelo rizado- this is how you say curly hair

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you say rizador.

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lacio (hair)

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Q: How do you say curling iron in Spanish?
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How do you say are you curling tonight?

If you mean 'curling (your hair)': Are you curling tonight = Ensortijas anoche? If you mean the game of curling (on ice), there is no Spanish equivalent, so you'd have to say: Juegas a 'curling' anoche = Are you playing at 'curling' tonight?

Is silver in a curling iron?

No. A curling iron does NOT have silver in it!!.. There are silver curling irons but there are no curling irons with silver in them!

What is the most expensive curling iron?

A ceramic digital curling iron

What causes more damage to your hair curling it with a flat iron or curling it with a curling iron?

Curling It With A Curling Iron Damages Your Hair More . _____________ Whichever tool is turned up to the highest temperature will be the more damaging one.

What is a song that has the word curling iron in it?

Hit Me In The Face (With A Curling Iron) [Demo] by Schlimminy Cricket

What type of heat transfer is a curling iron?

A curling iron transfers heat through conduction. The heat from the iron's heating elements is transferred directly to the hair when it comes into contact with the curling iron's barrel.

Will curling irons harm your hair?

From past experience, I would say not to use a curling iron everyday. However, using it for special occasions wouldn't hurt.

What is the best curling iron for long hair?

Karmin G3 salon pro clipless curling iron.

Does a curling iron have chemicals?

No, a curling iron does not contain chemicals. It is a styling tool that uses heat to curl or straighten hair without the use of any chemicals.

What type of heat transfer does a curling iron use?

A curling iron uses conduction heat transfer, where heat is directly transferred from the hot barrel of the curling iron to the hair strands that come into contact with it.

What is the best curling iron brand?

Best curling iron brand is the Karmin G3 clipless curling iron. Has great heating, does all kinds of curls really fast and has a 3yr warranty to top it off!

What is a professional curling iron?

Most professional curling irons are made out of ceramic, where store bought curling irons are not. Professional curling irons are industrial strength and are made to last. They also get hotter than the average curling iron from the store gets.