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잘 감사 합니다 있어요 = i am doing well thank you

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Q: How do you say i am doing well thank you in korean?
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How do you say what are you doing in Korean?

무엇을하고 있습니까?

How do you say thank you Korean?

There are quite a few different ways to express "thank you" in the Korean language. Some of the most common are:감사합니다 (kamsahamnida)- formal고맙습니다 (komapseumnida) - formal고마워 (gomawo)- casual

How do you say What is dinner in korean?

I'm learning Korean myself, but to say thank you, just say Kamsahamnida.

How do you say what you doing today in Korean language?

당신 오늘 하 고 = what you doing today

What does cheonma means?

it was said if someone says thank you in korean to you and you will say cheonma it means your welcome.example:gomawo/ kamsahamnida (it means thank you, but kamsahamnida is formal and gomawo is informal) for the will answer it cheonma.the fact is cheonma is a korean word.

How do you say ''thank you for the broken heart'' in Korean?

The literal transcription would be sil-yeon e gamsa.

What is correct answer to question how do you do?

"How do you do?" is not really a good question so you can answer it in many ways. To say "I am good." is incorrect because only God the father is good. To say "I'm doing good" is also incorrect unless at that moment, you are actively doing something good such as feeding the hungry. The answer "I am well, thank you." works nicely as is my favorite, "I'm blessed thank you."

What to say when someone says get well soon to you?

Say "Thank You".

How do you say doing nothing in Korean?

"doing nothing" translates to, "amu-gut-do-ahn-heh" (아무것도안해) in Korean. Actually means I'm doing nothing.

How do you say thank you for your business in Australian?

"Thank you for your business" works quite well.

How do you say im good also in spanish?

Muy bien, gracias. (Very good, thank you.) Muy bueno, gracias. (Very well, thank you.) You estoy bien (I am doing good)

Why would someone say you are doing well?

Why would my ex say "I am doing well"?