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You may say 'wakarimasu ka,' written in Japanese as: 分かりますか

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English and Japanese are two different languages Japanese has three ways you can write it English only has two i know because i am half japanese half american.

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Q: How do you say in Japanese do you understand me?
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How do you say no one can understand me in Japanese?

The way that you would say no one can understand me in Japanese is ________________. If you wanted to add the words but you to the end of no one can understand me, you would say _______.

How do you say i'm lucky in Japanese?

Most Japanese folks understand english a lot. Therefore i hear them say " lucky do ne".

How do you say i don't understand German in Japanese?

'Doitsugo ga wakarimasen'.

How do you say coach like a sports coach in Japanese?

It called 監督 (kan-toku) but we also say コーチ /kou chi/ so Japanese people understand if you say coach.

How would you say Murderous Flower of Eden with correct grammar in Japanese?

Eden no koroshibana if you can understand my Japanese grammar why don't you translate it your self

How do you say I am puzzled in Japanese?

Hi. Do you mean to say "I'm confused" or "I don't understand"? I use わかりません (wakarimasen) to say I don't understand. Hope this helps!!

What is the Japanese word of how about you?

please think what does my question read like What is the Japanese word of how about you? "how about you" is a phrase, word is singular It would be easier to understand if you wrote how do i say "how about you" in Japanese? anata WA dou desuka

How do we say don't you know Japanese in Japanese?

日本語が分かりません (nihongo ga wakarimasen), which means "I don't understand Japanese".

What is the Japanese word for understand?

A common word for understand is the verb 'wakaru,' written in Japanese as: 分かる

What does the pharse wakarimasuka mean?

In Japanese...? It means "Do you understand?" or "Do you understand it?"

How do you say Canberra in Japanese?

キャンベラ Kyanbera if they don't understand オーストラリアの首都 Ōsutoraria no shuto is the Australian capital

Sorry i can't understand your language in Japanese?

You can say すみません、日本語が分かりません (sumimasen, nihongo ga wakarimasen), which means "I'm sorry, I do not understand Japanese".