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cerrado con llave en precio OR bloqeuado en la tasa

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Q: How do you say locked in rate in spanish?
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How do you say safe in spanish?

safe: seguro Unless, of course, you meant the noun, as in a locked box to store valuables, which is 'caja fuerte.'

How do you say exchange rate in Spanish?

Tipo de cambio or Tasa de cambio

How do say do not cut this bush in spanish?

No corte este arbusto

What is rate in Spanish?

rate in spanish is tasa de

How do you say here is your rate card in spanish?

Aquí está su / tu / vuestro catálogo de tarifas.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of short-term financing?

The advantage is that if the rates go down you are not locked into a high rate for a long term. The disadvantage is that if the rates go up you are not locked into the lower rate for a long term.

Why is the frequency of a synchronous generator locked into its rate of shaft rotation?

By definition a synchronous generator must be synchronous. If it is not "locked in" it is not a synchronous generator, but an induction machine.

Why does your gateway web camera say its locked by another application?

because it has been locked by another apliation

What does La puerta es cerrada mean in spanish?

The door is closed/shut/locked

How do you say its locked in french?

There is no real word for "it" in French. Even objects are hes and shes. You must choose either Ill est verrouillé (He is locked) or elle est verrouillé (she is locked)

How do you say sister n law in spanish?

Sister in law in Spanish is cunada.

How do you say hi i still in spanish?

How to say "hi" in spanish is Hola. How to say "bye" in spanish is Adios.