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Raymond but with an accent like (rah-mon) but roll your tongue

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Names are not translated and there is no Spanish equivalent for Rodney.

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nombe de racheal ray

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Q: How do you say sting ray in spanish?
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What animal inspired the Corvette sting ray?

Manta Ray, Sting Ray, and the Mako Shark.

When was Sting Ray torpedo created?

Sting Ray torpedo was created in 1983.

Is a sting ray a vertebrates or invertebrates?

A Sting Ray is a Vertebrate. Also, its phylum is Chordata.

How does a sting ray move in water?

A sting ray swims slowly through the water.

What is a sting ray fever?

It is the expression for the migration of sting rays

How much was a Corvette sting ray worth in 1962?

They didn't call Corvettes "Sting Ray" in 1962. They didn't bring out the Sting Ray Corvettes until 1963. The 1962 Corvette's base price is $4,038.

What is the phylum of a sting ray?

Sting rays belong to the phylum chordata.

What is the difference between a Skate and a sting ray?

The difference between a ray and a skate is that their reproductive stratigies are totally different. skates can not sting you but sting rays can! i have tried touching ones tail it didn't sting me!!

How do you say Korea in spanish?


Is a sting ray a crustacean?

no its a invertebrate

What rhymes with sun spay?

sting ray, sun ray, clay

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Of course a sting ray can eat a hermit crab with they're jaw would be able to eat a rock!