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si haga nota

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Q: How do you say to take notes a lot in Spanish?
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How do you say yes I take notes in Spanish?

Sí, hago apuntes.

How do you say to take notes in Spanish?

Anotar, apuntar, escribir un apunte

How do you say 'sticky notes' in Spanish?

You say, "notas pegajosas."

How do you say alotin Spanish?

'a lot' in Spanish is 'mucho'

How do say a lot in Spanish?


How do you say not a lot in Spanish?

no mucho.

How do you say we read a lot in Spanish?

Leemos mucho (en espanol) = We read a lot (in Spanish)

How do you say take in spanish?

to say take in spanish i is tome pronnounced tom-ay

How do you say have a lot of in spanish?

tengo mucho

How do you say lot in Spanish?


How do ou say a lot in spanish?


How do you say 'parking lot' in Spanish?

To say 'parking lot' in Spanish, you would say 'estacionamiento.' (Pronounced ess-tah-thee-ownahm-YENTaw) ('th' as in 'thin')