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Its Deutchland. It may be spelled different, I'm doing this out of memory

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Q: How do you spell Fatherland in German?
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How do you say I'm going to the fatherland in German?

I am going to the Fatherland = Ich gehe zum Vaterland.

What do German people call their nation?

The Fatherland.

What can you infer about the German troops from the details Davis gives about their singing of Fatherland My Fatherland?

German troops were nationalistic and patriotic,.Soldiers were nationalistic and patriotic in a regimental sort of way

What is German word for Fatherland?

"Für's Vaterland" is "For the Fatherland", which might be an offensive or funny expression depending on the situation:)

Battle of the bluge how it help allies?

It brought out German armour and soldiers to fight and not defend the "Fatherland".

What is the Germany nickname?

The Fatherland, because back in WW2 German people said Hitler was the father of the land

What does the Fatherland mean?

The term "fatherland" refers to an anthropomorphized conception of certain countries. "Motherland" is another common term like this. "Fatherland" is a translation of Latin "patria" (from "pater" meaning "father"), which is related to words like "patriotic" (love of one's fatherland or homeland), etc. Most typically, "fatherland" is used in a context referring to Germany. In German "Vaterland" means "fatherland"; however, since World War II this term has developed Nazi connotations, so it is now avoided in general except in ironic or humorous contexts.

How do you spell swakeleys in German?

the same way you spell it in German

How do you spell 59 in German?

How do u spell fiffty nine in German

How do you spell two in german?

Zwei is how you spell two in German.

When was For the Fatherland created?

For the Fatherland was created in 2006.

How Spell 222 in German?

In German, you would spell 222 as "zweihundertzweiundzwanzig."