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Q: How do you start my own accreditation agency?
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Is Lorenz university a Regestered Univ?

In the united states government does not provide registration or licensing facilities to schools and colleges. Instead, schools and colleges maintain their own quality and standardization checks by participating voluntarily in accreditation programs. Accreditation is a process where a school or college presents itself to an accreditation agency for evaluation. The accreditation agency then grants the school or college accreditation which is an assurance of quality of education as per the policies of that particular accreditation agency. Lorenz University is an accredited online university. Another thing that I would like to add here is that accreditation agencies are themselves non-profit organizations.

Is Hill University in the list of the recognized Accredition?

Hill University is not an accreditation agency it is a university itself. It is accredited by another accreditation service. I guess, the answer to your question is yes, it is in the list of an accreditation agency.

Is UAAOE a fake accreditation agency?


Is accreditation panel for online colleges and universities aptec a valid accrediting agency?

is accreditation panel for online colleges and universities APTEC a real and valid accrediting agency

Who provides accreditation for DoD SCIFs?

Defense Intelligence Agency

Does anyone have information on how I can start my own nursing agency?

This site has information regarding starting a nursing agency.

Can you start your own agency on oDesk?

NO..... you cannot, check first terms of their services.

Is hill university or lorenz university accredited from CHEA?

CHEA or Council for Higher Education Accreditation is not an Accreditation agency itself. Instead, CHEA provides accreditation to the accreditation providers. There is a lot of confusion among public about the process. Accreditation is a peer review process where educational institutes voluntarily present themselves for evaluation by experts. The purpose is to maintain a set of standards and quality guidelines provided by the accreditation agency. CHEA is not an accreditation agency in that sense. Another misconception among people is that CHEA is a government body, which it is not. CHEA is a non-profit organization that earns its resources by providing accrediting the accreditation agencies. Also note that accreditation is not a government license, Federal or State governments do not issue licenses or provide accreditation services.

Is Universal Accreditation Agency for Online Education really legitimate?

I don't think so details agency is bogus

Which non governmental agency is responsible for the accreditation of institutional settings?


How can you have evidence for Lorenz accreditation?

There are many ways to find that out. One can check out with the accreditation agency. They gladly provide information regarding verification of a university or college's accreditation. Accreditation itself is a proof of the legitimacy of quality education.

How do you get accreditation for a new school?

They apply for the accreditation through various accrediting agencies and must meet the required standards particular to that agency.