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A Sky box is from Ireland and the United Kingdom. It is similar to the TiVo from the United States. It is a personal recording system that allows the viewer to view, rewind, fast forward, pause and record TV.

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Q: How does a pace sky box work?
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How many people will a pace sky box seat?

A Pace Sky box is actually a type of digital receiver rather than a sky box at something like a sport stadium. Therefore, these boxes won't actually seat anyone.

What kind of service is Sky Pace?

The Sky+80 GB box and its predecessors were designed by Pace, Amstrad and Thomson. There have been quite a number of well documented problems with the Pace box and several forums have a number of discussions about these.

What is the poice range for a Pace Sky Box?

The price range for a Pace Sky Box is between 103 GBP and 250 GBP depending on the make and model of the box. The more expensive boxes will have more features.

Where online could one purchase a Pace Sky Plus box cheap?

One can purchase a Pace Sky Plus box at a low price by checking one's local classfieds, as well as on Gumtree. Amazon also sells Sky Plus boxes in the UK.

Who invented the sky box?

It is not known who invented the Sky box. However, the set top boxes are manufactured by the likes of Thomson, Samsung Pace and Amstrad for Sky.

What is the pace sky box?

The Pace Sky Digibox is a unit manufactured in the UK that makes regular people able to receive satellite signals, as well as Internet. Pace is one of the manufacturers of the Skybox, and is one of few main manufacturers.

Will sky viewing card work in sky plus?

Yes, a Sky viewing card will work with a Sky+ box. The viewing card is necessary for accessing Sky subscription channels and services on the Sky+ box. Make sure to insert the card properly into the box for it to work correctly.

How much does a pace sky box cost?

A 160GB baseline model pace sky box can be purchased online at a cost around 125 euros. This currently translates to 177 in United States dollars. Higher-end models can run upwards to 300 euros.

Ive heard that Pace sky boxes have a lot of technical problems is this true and if so are they still worth buying?

Pace sky boxes have far too many technical problems to deal with. I would not buy one because they are not worth the hassle. Actually, I have not heard of one good experince with the Pace sky box.

If you buy a sky hd box not from sky will your sky plus card work in it?


Your freeview box has one connection for cable but your sky plus has double cable how do you connect?

Your freeview box should connect to the TV Ariel on the top of your house. The Sky + cables connect to the Sky dish on the side of your house and will not work with your freeview box. If you have Sky there is nothing on freeview that you can not already get on Sky (even if you do not have a sky card).

Can a sky box be replaced easily with a sky plus box?

Yes, of my point of view, take out the plug then reconect it with the sky+ box, its totaly easy, then your tv shall work as normal. But remember to add all the cables and plugs back where they belong.