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Well when someone touches something with an electric current on it a hole will be ripped in his/her skin and if someone else touches him before it hits the ground a hole will rip through their skin again and so on on the next person

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Q: How does electricity pass from one person to another?
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Yes, you can have sex. Or some of your blood can pass on to another person causing them to have HIV.

If someone tells you a story you can carry it to another person and?

share it with them. Just like how you can pass on information or news from one person to another.

Is insulator a substance tht does not allow electricity pass?

no cause conductors are the one that lets electricity to pass throw it

What does pass the mantle mean?

The passing of the mantle, means passing power from one person to another.

Does electricity pass through metal?

Yes, one of the properties of metals is ability to conduct electricity.

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Why do you need a metal inside a wire?

Metals conduct electricity, because their atoms have a "sea" of "delocalised" electrons which pass on electrical energy from one atom to another.

What is transferability?

to pass something from one to another

How would you define the transmittal?

The word transmittal means to pass or cause to go from one place or person to another.

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What is ststic electricity?

electricity that can flow from one point 2 another

Why do you get an electric shook when you brush against another person?

When two individuals get an electric shock upon contact, it's likely due to a difference in electric potentials between their bodies. As they come into contact, electrons can flow from one person to the other, resulting in a small electric shock. This can occur when one person has accumulated more static charge than the other due to factors like clothing or environmental conditions.