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Es colombiana

*Es una colombiana ...

*Esta frase requiere un complemento, pues de quedarse sólo así, pudiera resultar algo despectiva.

*This phrase requires a complement, since left alone as it is, it could seem somewhat contemptuous.

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Ella es de Bolivia.

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Q: How doo you say She is from Bolivia in spanish?
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How do you say kisses in Bolivia?

They speak Spanish in Bolivia, so that would be besos.

How do you say you are from Bolivia in spanish?

It would either be "eres de Bolivia" or "usted es de Bolivia"

How do you say the capital of Bolivia is in spanish?


How do you say hello in Bolivia country?

Bolivia is a Spanish-speaking country, so you could just say Hola.

How to say boy in Bolivia?

The 3 most common languages in Bolivia are Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara. I don't know how say boy in Quechua or Aymara but in Spanish it is Niño (neen-yo)

How do you say pixie in spanish?

duendecillo [doo-en-day-theel'-lyo]

How do spell Bolivia in spanish?

It is the same, "Bolivia".

How do you spell Bolivia in Spanish?

It is the same, "Bolivia".

How do you say everyone in Bolivia?

The Bolivians speak Spanish, so I would go with todos/todas.

What does usted es de Bolivia mean in spanish?

He/She is from Bolivia

What is colombia Costa Rica and Bolivia all speak spanish in spanish?

Colombia, Costa Rica, and Bolivia all speak spanish =Colombia, Costa Rica, y Bolivia hablan español.

Is spanish only in Bolivia?