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Q: How many Ohio State University Athletes have been Rhodes Scholars?
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How many Rhodes scholars has Michigan state university produced?

26 including Gerald Ford. WRONG The University of Michigan, not Michigan State, has produced 26 Rhodes Scholars, of which Gerald Ford was not one.

How many Rhodes scholars has West Virginia University produced?

West Virginia University has had 25 students to become Rhodes Scholars. They rank 6th in public state institutions in the number of recipients.

Which university has more Rhodes Scholars Michigan or Michigan State?

michigan state WRONG AGAIN. Michigan has produced 26, Michigan State 12.

US State with the most Rhodes Scholars?


How many Rhodes Scholars are from Penn State University?

I only know of two: Zachary Battles and Rebecca Funk, but there may be more. The first from Penn State was Tess Thompson in 1997.

How many Rhodes Scholars have come from Oklahoma State U?


How may Rhodes scholars has the university of Georgia produced?


What college produced the most Rhodes scholars?

Students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have won the most Rhodes Scholarships in the Big Ten, with a total of 30 through 2013. The ranked list: 1. Wisconsin: 30 2. Michigan: 25 3. Minnesota: 24 4. Nebraska: 22 5. Iowa: 18 6. Northwestern: 16 6. Michigan State: 16 8. Indiana: 14 9. Illinois: 9 10. Ohio State: 5 11. Purdue: 2 11. Penn State: 2 Source:

Did Edwin hubble attend college?

yes he attended Illinois State, University of Chicago, then attended Oxford University on a Rhodes scholarship

Did Cody Rhodes go to school?

Cody Rhodes was going to attend Pennsylvania State University but he decided to turn professional. This wrestlers real name is Cody Runnels.

What schools do the best Athletes attend?

The Ohio state university that is where Jessy Owens went

How many athletes attend Arizona State University?

that's a tough question but i am going to say not that many