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For more information about the PA GED test, please visit To locate your nearest GED testing center:

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As many times as you want.

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Q: How old do you have to be before you can take your GED test in Pittsburgh PA?
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Is the pre GED test for passing the GED?

The GED Prep is the preparation work you need to do before you take the GED Test. The GED Prep includes all the learning, study and revision. The GED Test is the actual exam you sit at the end to find out your results.

How can I take a good GED test?

There are several prep and training classes that you can take online but you can only take the actual GED test in an official GED center. The number one way to take the GED test is to prepare first with studying and once you are ready, find a GED Center to take the test. A GED Center Locator can be found online, one website that can help your GED center search is

when and where can i take the ged class and then the test?

Most Community Colleges offer the GED classes and then the GED test afterwards.

Can we take the Ged test online and be able to get into collage?

No, all states require that you take the GED test in person.

What exactly is an online GED practice test?

An online GED practice test may help you pass your real GED simply by making you more comfortable with the types of questions they will be asking. You still need to make sure you review the material and know the content.

Do you need to be a resident of North Carolina to take the Ged test. I'm from Flordia ?

No, you can take a GED test wherever you are a resident.

What GED classes do I need to take?

The test is named the same way. It is called a GED test. This GED test is composed of five separate test sections dealing with writing, social studies, science, language arts reading, and math.

What lessons and training do I need to earn my GED?

The best way to earn a GED is to contact your local community college. The length of time it will take you to complete a GED course of study really depends on how far you made it in high school before you quit. After completing your courses of study, you will also have to take a test. If you pass that test, you will be awarded a GED!

I would like to take my GED test online, is this possible?

It is not possible to take a GED test online. However, there are many great websites to help you study and prepare for you test.

How old do you have to be in Texas to get your GED?

I think 16. If not then 17 for sure. In most cases, states require you to be at least 16 before taking the test. More importantly, you have to be out of school for at least 1 year before taking the test. Therefore, you cannot drop out of high school one day and go to take the test the following day. For help on GED test materials, GED pracitce test, GED testing location, fees, and information you need is just a phone call away. Call 1-800-62-MYGED (1-800-626-9433) to find your local GED Testing Center. The center can tell you: * Whether you can take the GED Tests * Where to find the Official GED Practice Tests * Where to find a GED instructional program * How much it costs to take the tests * When the tests are given * Other useful information

Can I take a practice GED Test online?

Yes you can take a GED Practice test at . This website has many helpful tools and practice exams.

Taking Pre GED Tests?

Before you take the GED test, it is always important to study. However, not everyone has the same study habits. One way many people study for the GED is by taking pre GED tests. Whether you take the tests online or use the tests located in the back of many GED study guides, pre tests will help you understand what you need to study before taking the real GED test. Once you study a section of the GED, try taking a few practice tests to see if you understand the material. If you do not understand the material, continue studying until you pass the practice test.