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There are different kinds of accomplishment reports. An accomplishment report for individuals are required by some companies as part of their annual reviews, or an accomplishment report may be required for funding accountability for a project for a company. Accomplishment reports could also be required in certain types of therapy.

For an individual accomplishment report, accomplishments can be broken down into categories and list chronologically from the beginning of the year to present. Details of accomplishments can be given as appropriate.

For accountability for a company, an accomplishment report would include the progress of reaching a goal and use of funds in reaching it.

Accomplishment reports for therapy are similar to those of individual reports for work.

Every report would be geared toward specific situation and individual, but they basically start with pertinent information (project, dates, etc) for company accountability, name, department, etc for individual reports. Then, the list of accomplishments is given.

A couple of tips:

  • Use action words
  • Do not exaggerate accomplishments, but do not downplay them, either. Be as factual as possible
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An accomplishment report will give the goals one has reached in a course. Writing the objective, the steps taken, and the outcome is a good way to document the accomplishment.

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Q: How to write an accomplishment report?
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