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No, but the chances are somewhat lower. I was extremely irregular but have 3 sons.

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Q: If a woman doesn't get her period regularly does that mean shes not obvulating and can not get pregnant?
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If im obvulating but i miss my period can i be pregnant?


Can I be pregnant and still see my period regularly?

Should no longer have if you are.

Can you be pregnant if you had a period and it did'nt last long as usual?

It is possible to have your period 3 times during your pregnancy. Just because you have your period doesnt mean you are not pregnant.

When will a girl find out she is pregnant?

she will find out once her period doesnt come

What if you don't get your period regularly?

You could probably be pregnant , or your cycle is probably changing .. Ask your docter to find out !

Does a girl gets pregnant if she has an intercourse at the first day of her period with a condom?

yes you can get pregnant if you have sex before or at the begining of your period you can get pregnant at anytime. with a condom you have a better chance of protection against pregnancy and diseases but it doesnt mean you wont get pregnant. theres always a chance you can get pregnant with a condom

Can a girl get pregnant even if her period its not regular like other girls?

yeeahh of course just because your period isn't normal doesnt mean the guys sperm doesnt touch your egg!!!!!! what i think she meant to say was, as long as you're ovulating, you can get use protection. please.

To be pregnant and have a period one month but miss the next month?

Its not possible you dont have your period at all if you pregnant and you wont have a normal period if you are its possible that it wont even come on which is a missed period. Most women do mistake periods for implantation bleeding (spotting),which is not a period just because they see a red spot or they bleeding on and off their pregnant while their on there period, no it doesnt work that way if you having periods while your pregnant please get checked.

You are trying to get pregnant but your boyfriend doesnt know you have tried 2 times and it doesnt work why?

Most women get pregnant mid-way between their periods. You need to plan to have sex 12-15 days after your period. There are three or four days when your chances are excellent to get pregnant. Good luck.

Can i be pregnant if you were on birth control injection for two years ago and you got your period last week like five days?

If you're getting your period regularly again, you may be at risk for pregnancy. If you got your period last week, you probably didn't' get pregnant last month.

Does having early period mean your pregnant?

no it could be that your cycle decided to take a change due to hormones,stress,medication,etc.just because your monthly was early doesnt mean your pregnant

Does being on your period for too long mean your pregnant?

No it doesnt. I was on mine for four months and was not pregnant. You should go to the doctor though. Mine was just irregular and birth control fixed mine.