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Ihr sucht streit mit allem = You (plural, informal) look for trouble with everything.

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Q: Ihr sucht streit mit allem in English?
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How is the word ihr pronounced in german?

"Ihr" is pronounced as the English word "Ear"

Was ist ihr Hobby?

"Was ist ihr Hobby" in German means "What is her hobby?" in English.

What does ihr so suss mean in English?

"Ihr so suss" in English translates to "You're so sweet" or "You are so cute."

What does ihr Herz ändern würde mean in english?

ihr Herz ändern würde translates as would change her heart

What does von welcher marke war ihr erstes auto translate to in English?

Von welcher Marke war Ihr erstes Auto? wht does tis say in english?

What does ihre in German mean?

ANSWER Ihr is the plural personal pronoun, which correspond to the English "you". Example: German: Ich - English: I du - you er - he sie - she es - it wir - we ihr - you sie - they

What does ihr feldt mir mean in English?

It could be translated as " I miss her".

What does the phrase 'Ihr entkommt mir nicht' mean in English?

The German to English translation comes to, "You cannot escape from me".

Was ist ihr name?

Was ist Ihr Name? is a literal translation of the English what is your name?It is not something a German speaker would say. The German translation of what is your name? is wie heißen Sie? (what are you called?)

Verruckt nach ihr?

Verruckt nach ihr = Crazy about her

Dank für Ihr Verständnis translate in english?

This means Thank you for your understanding With best regards, TransAction Translators Ltd

When was Ihr Wolltet Spass created?

Ihr Wolltet Spass was created in 2004.