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It is one of the best college in north India

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Q: Is nit kurukshetra a good college?
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When was NIT Kurukshetra Literati created?

NIT Kurukshetra Literati was created in 1995.

Which is better MCA from NIT kurukshetra or MSc in comp sc from du?

MCA from NIT Kurukshetra.

Is nit kurukshetra better than bits Goa? is the same..nah nevermind nit kurukshetra is better

Registration form for B. Tech. in NIT Kurukshetra?

bachelor of technology

What is the ranking of nit kurukshetra in world?

I dont know counting upto that number....

Which college can be prefered for a girl who got 2700 rank in AIEEE in south India?

NIT TRICHY or NIT Suratkal Both are very good

Is NIT Jalandhar amongst the top NIT's I am getting biotech civil industrial and maybe intrumentation?

Yes NIT Jalandhar is a good college and you should prefer civil engineering in NIT rather than biotech in Thapar

Is UIET KUK a government college?

No, UIET i.e. University Institute of Engineering and Technology,Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. is not a Govt. College. It is managed by Organisation (Sanstha) under the Govt.

What if your all ondia rank in aieee is 26440 can you get nit kurukshetra?

visit then in it there will be last years opening and ending ranks option at the down of the page

Which is the best NIT?

nit trichy is the good one , to my knowledge.. if opting for In CSE.. nit calicut, nit hamirpur and nit surathkal are also good

What are the top 10 engineering colleges in aieee in btech?

These are not in correct order # IIIT Hyderabad # NSIT Delhi # DCE Delhi # NIT Trichy # NIT Warangal # NIT Surathkal # NIT Nagpur # MNNIT Allahabad # NIT Calicut # NIT Kurukshetra # MNIT Jaipur # IIIT Allahabad # KITS Bhubaneswar # NIT Bhopal # NIT Surat # BIT Ranchi # NIT Jalandhar # NIT Rourkela # NIT Raipur # NIT Jamshedpur # ABV IITM, Gwalior # NIT Durgapur # SASTRA Thanjavur # NIT Hamirpur # PDPM IIIT, Jabalpur # NIT Silchar # NIT Srinagar # NIT Patna # Assam University, Silchar # GKV Haridwar # Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu Tawi # IICT Bhadohi # NIFFT Ranchi

How do you test for voltage in a circuit?

You can test for voltage in a circuit with the help of voltmeter or multimeter (analog or digital (DMM) ). Vikas Pratap Singh NIT Kurukshetra