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Q: Is not a characteristic of someone who shoes initiative?
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Which trait do you feel is the most characteristic of effective managers?


How to measure initiative?

You cannot "measure" initiative because it is a characteristic or quality of behaviour with no numerical basis. You can assess an individual's initiative by, for example, qualitatively gauging the efficiency and success of that person in solving a problem by it.

List four qualities of someone who has initiative?


What is initiative taker?

An initiative taker is someone who takes initiative to door say something whether they want to or not. Ever heard of the phrase, "If I want/need something done, I might as well do it myself?" That's an initiative taker. An initiative taker would say something along the lines of, "This has to be done, it might as well be me that does it."

Which stage does a person develop life skills and learn to take initiative?

A person develops life skill and learns to take the initiative in childhood. Children learn to start taking care of themselves from showering to tying their own shoes.

Who repairs shoes?

cobblerA cobbler is someone who repairs shoes.

What is 'here are the shoes in setswana'?

You say, "Ditlhako ke tse." This sentence can be used if you present the shoes to someone or if you show someone the shoes he/she has been looking for.

When someone tells you they like your shoes what does that mean Does that mean they really like your shoes or something else. Someone told my friend that a few days ago?

In Western Culture, a comment about shoes has no hidden meaning. If someone says they admire one's shoes, it simply means that they think the shoes are attractive.

Where can someone purchase Tahari shoes?

Someone looking to purchase Tahari shoes may have luck at Macy's or Nordstrom.

Which is a characteristic of the American system of government?

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How can you get a girls shoes off?

by asking someone to buy them a new pair of shoes

Are shoes appropriate as gifts?

yes i would love to get shoes as a gift from someone!