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Q: People who agreed to workfor no pay 4 a period of years in exchange 4 the cost of their journey 2 America were called?
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How did poor English get to Colonial America?

the people in the new world would pay for the journey over in exchange for however many years of work.

Why was the journey of Christopher Columbus good?

His journey was good because he found a whole new land (America) and people.

How did the Columbian Exchange affect america?

The Columbian exchange of goods imported and exported at first seemed like it was beneficial for all people because there were resources such as crops that could be shared. The downfall of the Columbian exchange for America was the native people had no immunity to the diseases brought over from other countries. The affect on the people was death to a lot of the Indians.

Should politicans workfor free?

Whether or not politicians should work for free is a matter of opinion. Most people realize that popliticians do have a job to do and most people expect to get paid for doing a job.

How did the people pay for the sea journey who did not have enough money in history?

People that came to America that could not pay their way were indentured servants.

How many people died on the journey to America on maflower?

Approximately half of the 102 passengers on the Mayflower died during the journey to America in 1620. Disease, harsh conditions, and lack of proper supplies contributed to the high death toll.

Did Christopher Columbus killed some people in Central America?

Yes. Christopher Columbus Was an evil man he killed many on his journey to claim America.

Who were servants that signed a contract to work for 4 to 7 years for those who paid their journey to America?

Those who have contracted themselves to work for seven years in exchange for having their passage paid to reach America are called indentured servants. They often had to work for 7 or more years.

How spanish conquest affected the people of America?

The disease is the small pox. Brought over by the Columbian Exchange.

What was a positive consequence of the Columbian exchange for the native people in America?


How did the Columbian Exchange hurt America?

While the Columbian Exchange brought many new animals and crops, it also brought new diseases for people as well as crops.

Do people in Spain exchange gifts?

yes, all European countries exchange gifts on Christmas, but not on as large a scale as North America,