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population is a verdict for India

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Q: Population characteristics and changes in India?
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Are long- or short-term changes in population patterns or characteristics?

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What is the official method of gathering population statistics?

Population statistics is the use of statistics to analyze characteristics or changes to a population. It is related to social demography and demography.Population statistics can analyze anything from global demographic changes to local small scale changes.

When a gene changes within a population over time it is referred to as . evolution?

When a gene changes within a population over time it is referred to as genetic evolution. This process can lead to changes in the traits and characteristics of individuals in a population over successive generations, which can ultimately result in the formation of new species.

The social forces of the environment include the demographic characteristics of the population and its what Changes in these forces can have a dramatic impact on marketing strategy?


How can natural selection lead to changes in the characteristics of a population even though individuals within the population do not themselves change?

Natural selection leads to changes in a population's characteristics by favoring individuals with traits that are better suited to their environment, allowing them to survive and reproduce more successfully. Over time, these advantageous traits become more common in the population, leading to changes in its overall characteristics without individual organisms themselves changing.

How many relgions are there in India?

There are 4 considered religions in India: Hinduism (80.5% of India's population), Islam (13.4% of India's population), Christianity (2.3% of India's population), and Bahà'ìs (0.2% of India's population).

Which country has the world largest Hindu population?

India has the largest Hindu population. 60 million Hindus are in India. So the largest population is in India.

What is the process in which inherited characteristics within a population change over generations such that new species sometimes arise?

This process is called evolution. It occurs through mechanisms such as natural selection, genetic drift, and gene flow, leading to changes in the genetic composition of a population over time. These changes can accumulate to the point where new species with distinct characteristics arise.

What will India's population be in 2009?

Whats the population of India in 20009?

Is population an asset or liability in India?

the the population of India is an asset

What is India's population for 2012?

i think india's population is 1215785218

What is Oil India's population?

The population of Oil India is 8,634.