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Typically, patient information is on a need to know basis. For example, with other professionals directly involved with the patients diagnosis and treatment, family members, etc.

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Q: Should a nurse discuss a patient information with others?
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How can you protect a patient's privacy?

You could just get a curtain and that will cover spatial privacy. As for information privacy, do not leave a patient's information lying out where anyone can see it and do not share it with anyone who does not have permission to know the information. Be careful about who might be listening when you discuss a patient's information with others. Be sure to have security on any computers used to access patient's information.

Can nurses talk to other workers about a patient?

Nurses can discuss your mental health with other professionals who are caring for you. They shouldn't discuss your mental health with others ie freinds, family, unless you are a minor and/or a danger to yourself or others. By "others" who did you mean?

Can you legally get someone out of a mental institute?

If the Doctors determine the patient can be dangerous to others or themselves then you should not remove the person from the institution.If you don't like the facility, and have a power of attorney for health for patient then you should try and find a better place for patient.The best people to discuss this with is Dr. and social worker.

Can you be posecuted for informing others of a person with an STD?

If you are a health care provider, then yes. Patient information is protected under HIPAA. Therefore, unless otherwise indicated by the patient, all patient information is to be treated as confidential.

What do you do to discuss how a typical question should be answered?

Some tips on how to answer questions are available at the related link listed below. To discuss how a particular question should be answered go to that specific question page and select the "Discuss"option. Then post your thoughts on how the question should be phrased and/or answered and read the opinions of others on the subject.

What happens if the patient has antibodies against influenza virus?

They should not get sick with that specific flu (but could with others).

Can your boss loudly discuss personal and medical info about an employee to others that have no business knowing withing the company in a public setting?

No, breaches confidentiality. Any personal information about an employee should not be discussed with anyone whom does not need to be aware of it in their duties.

When is the law enforcement entitled to PHI?

A doctor can release protected health information if there is a reasonable concern of danger to the patient or to others. Otherwise, either permission from the patient or his or her agent or a court order is needed.

Is next of kin authorized to receive medical records?

Yes, and typically providers just ask the patient if it's OK to let family members know health information. HIPAA does not require a written consent from the patient to release information to others, even if they are not next of kin.

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Can a patient use their own narcotic medication in the hospital?

They really should be declared, as medication may have adverse effects when used in conjunction with others.