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The teacher should encourage the student to write more legibly. So, yes, a teacher should correct a student if they are not writing legibly.

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Q: Should a teacher rebuke a student for illegible writing?
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If a student submitted a paper that looked WAY beyond their grade's writing level but there was no proof of plagiarism and no previous work from the student to compare it to what would a teacher do?

If that's really his work, he can defend it. The teacher should conduct a defense where in he/she asks his/her students about their work. The teacher should also look forward to the student's future work. If the student cannot do the same and/or better on a similar topic it could be plagiarism.

You are a teacher when a student is in a problem a teacher should help them?

Did you help me or not

Student teacher narrative report intro?

A narrative report introduction from a student teacher should provide information on what the experience she was given. A student teacher should also include what she learned from her field experience in a narrative report.

Why co operation is important to teacher from student?

The student should observe the class to order. You should also carry out assignments thatthe teacher has set.

Is the sentence The teacher moved all of the student's desks correct?

Hm.... "The teacher moved all of the student's desk." Actually, no. It should be phrased like this: "The teacher moved the student's desks."

How do you write a farewell speech to the teacher by 4th standard student?

A farewell to a teacher should be written either by a student or a co-worker. The speech should recognize the teacher for his or her hard work and what he or she has done for students over the years.

What does a teacher do if a student gets stuck in a classroom chair?

If a students gets stuck in a classroom chair the teacher must find out where the student is stuck and try to remedy it. If the teacher cannot get the student in the teacher should get the assistance of the principal, custodian or even the fire department if that is necessary. The teacher must make sure that the student does not get harmed while trying to free the student.

What should a teacher do when a student have fever in the class room all of sudden?

You should immediately send the student to the school nurse.

How is the communication between teacher and student?

There should be mutual respect.

What do you expect from the teacher?

1st and the important thing is that teacher should understand the psychology of the students.And it is obvious that the teacher should have an over all knowledge of her respective subject.A teacher should understand the problem of a student..every student doesn't come under same category.Every student belongs to different family bg. Teacher should not be partial.This behavior of a teacher may create space in between a student and a teacher.A role of a teacher is equivalent to the role of a mother. So it is very important for a teacher to maintain this pure relation honestly.

Should you capitalize the words Student Council?

When you are writing formally you should, but you dont have to.

What remark a teacher should give for a good student?

Good work.