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Q: Translate teacher in Spanish term
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How do you translate the word 'you' in spanish?

Tu-youor usted-to be respectful like for a teacher or adult

How would you translate the Spanish term 'vaqueros' rope?

It's a reata

How do you translate the goldenrod in spanish?

Goldenrod, the wild flower, is "vara de oro" in Spanish. The Spanish term means 'rod of gold."

What does you miestra de esponal mean?

it means spanish teacher...theres a cool thing called google translate :)

What does the term 'prensalibre' mean?

The term "Prensa Libre" is Spanish for free press, free thought and newspaper. You can translate more Spanish words online from the SpanishDict website.

What does the term 'cirujia plastica' translate to?

Plastic surgery is the English translation of cirugia plastica, which is a Spanish term. There are many helpful Spanish to English translation programs available online.

How you make a sentence using the word translate?

I can translate the document from English to Spanish.

How do you translate in Spanish the Powder room?

The most common is "el baño". Another term is "el servicio".

Is profesor masculine or feminine?

The term "profesor" is masculine in Spanish. If referring to a female teacher, the correct term is "profesora."

How does the term servidores translate into English?

The term servidores is translated into English literally meaning a servant or house keeper. The term servidores is Spanish for servant or house cleaner.

Could someone translate the cars technical term side member to Portuguese or spanish?

Membro subordinado. (portuguese)

What is the spanish phrase for what did you do today?

On google translate, they say it is : ¿Qué hiciste hoy? but i'm not sure of the actual term.