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Mare is the Latin word that means sea; the plural is maria

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Q: What Latin word is used to refer to the Lunar sea's?
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What latin word is used to refer to the lunar seas?

Mare is the Latin word that means sea; the plural is maria

What is the term referring to the moon?

Typically the word "lunar" is used to refer to the Moon, from the Latin "Luna" for Moon. (Also the source for "lunatic", someone who has been driven crazy from staring at the Moon.)

What adjective is used for the sun?

The adjective solar (based on the Latin word Sol) is used for both the Sun and for the radiation (light, heat) that it produces. (Similarly, the word lunar is used for the Moon, from the Latin name Luna).

Which animal has the Latin name of lupus?

The Latin name "lupus" is used to refer to the animal species known as the wolf.

What does the latin word cf mean?

The abbreviation cf is an English term, not Latin. It comes from the Latin word confero, meaning "I consult, refer to, match with".It is used in modern English literature to refer the reader to some other literary source.

There are large vast plains on the moon covered by lava. ancient people thought they were seas and named them?

The general scientific name used for these today is "Lunar maria", which is Latin-ish for "moon seas". Smaller similar features have traditional names that include terms like "Sinus" (bay), "Lacus" (lake), or "Palus" (marsh) rather than "Mare" (sea). There's also one (Oceanus Procellarum) whose name means "Ocean of Storms". However, the general term is "maria" (Latin plurals are kind of weird).

What are dark area on moon caused by lava flow called?

Seas. Often the latin 'mare' is used, it is pronounced as two syllables.

What does conditor mean in latin?

"Conditor" in Latin means "creator" or "founder." It is often used to refer to God as the creator of the universe.

What does Mare Ignotum mean?

"Mare Ignotum" is Latin for "unknown sea." It is often used to refer to areas on maps that are unexplored or unidentified.

Did some Hispanics refer to themselves as latinos because of their church uses latin in its services?

No. Their language is Latin based. Latin is also used by the Catholic Church but only because it goes back to when Latin was the main language.

What does caput mean-derived from Latin?

"Caput" is Latin for "head." It is used in medical terminology to refer to the top or beginning of a structure, such as the head of a bone or the beginning of a nerve.

Why is water called aqua?

The term "aqua" is Latin for water. It is commonly used in scientific, medical, and culinary contexts to refer to water.