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Best All Around, Most Admired, Most Dependable, Friendliest, Most Involved, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Intellectual, Most School Spirit, Most Artistic, Most Athletic, Most Dramatic, Most Musical, Most Unique Style, Best Dressed, Best Looking, Wittiest, Most Unpredictable

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Q: What are some senior who's who categories?
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Can Senior Supervisors edit contributor's profiles?

This depends on whether or not the Senior Supervisor is also an Advanced Supervisor. Senior Supervisors are those who oversee top-level categories such as Animal Life or Entertainment & Arts. Advanced Supervisors are those who work in the catch-all categories organizing and deleting questions which don't belong on the site. Advanced Supervisors are also given a few more extra powers such as the ability to edit profiles and other things. So, some Senior Supervisors have the ability to edit profiles, and some do not.

What are the categories for people starting in high school like sophomore?

It is freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior.

What do category supervisors have to do to become a senior supervisor?

Category supervisors have to be nominated either by another supervisor or by a CA and then are reviewed by a pannel of CAs to determine if they feel you deserve to be promoted to becoming a Senior Supervisor. Senior Supervisors supervise top level categories on WikiAnswers and some also have additional tools they can use on the site.

What is the difference between a Senior Supervisor and a regular Supervisor?

Senior SupervisorsSenior Supervisors oversee top-level categories, whereas regular Supervisors oversee individual categories. Most Senior Supervisors are also active with other community programs, such as the Vandal Patrol.

Where can I find free senior personals?

Dating websites give specific categories for every type of person including senior citizens. allows free membership therefor allowing free senior personals.

Why do you keep you first Supervisor badge when you get the Senior Supervisor badge?

Senior Supervisors are still regular Supervisors. The only difference is that they just oversee a top-level category. Some Supervisors may also supervise categories that are not part of their top-level category.

How many senior supervisors are there on WikiAnswers as of April 2012?

There are currently 31 Senior Supervisors in the Super community. You can find their names attached to the top level categories on the category tree.

Where are senior hostels located?

I am a senior citizen looking to do some traveling. What are some locations of senior hostels?

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