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Imperative Verbs,

Time Connectives,



Bullet Points / Numbering,




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Q: What are the characteristics of instructional objectives?
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What are the differences between instructional objectives and behavioural objectives in education?

Although the two terms are intermarrying each other, to my own understanding, instructional objectives are objectives that are considered as wide range of applying behavioral objectives so as to ensure teaching and learning outcomes were successifully achived. In this regard, instructional objectives is a term to be considered as the father while behavioral objectives is the son.

Who interprets philosophical concern in arriving at instructional objecvtives?

Educators and instructional designers typically interpret philosophical concerns to arrive at instructional objectives. By considering their underlying beliefs, values, and goals, they can align instructional objectives with broader educational philosophies to ensure that teaching and learning experiences are meaningful and effective for students.

What is the importance of instructional procedures?

Instructional procedures is the soul of any discipline. It is the know-how in order to reach the objectives of every task.

What is the Importance of instructional objectives in evaluation?

it help teachers in planing and desegning the examination.

Importance of instructional objectives in teaching?

An instructional objective defines a trainee's required performance under specified conditions, and specifies the minimum acceptable standard. It also forms the basis of developing the necessary test(s) to determine whether the objective has fulfilled or not

Differences between educational and instructional objectives?

Instructional objectives are stated in terms of teacher’s behaviour. These objectives guide teachers to help his/her students to achieve the specific kind of behaviour the students should exhibit. A behavioural objective is stated in terms of student’s behaviour to achieve desired behaviour. Instructional objectives focus teaching on relatively narrow topics of learning in a content area. These concrete objectives are used in planning daily lessons. Behavioural objective is a clear and unambiguous description of your educational expectations for students. Behavioral or performance objectives are stated in terms of an observable behaviour that a student will perform after having completed the learning activity. Instructional objectives are less abstract, more specific and are behavioral in nature. Behavoura objectives are heavily depends on the purpose(s) of objectives. Different teachers adopt different way to write behavioural /performance objectives. Instructional objectives are specific statements of intermediate learning outcomes necessary for acquiring a terminal behavioural objective, expressed from the learner’s point of view and written in behavioural terms. Behavioral objectives can be written for any of the domains of instruction (i.e., cognitive, affective, or psychomotor.) Instructional objectives can be thought of as intermediate behaviors to be acquired during the instructional period but not the final behavior toward which the learning is being oriented. They are intermediate in that they occur between the initiation of instruction and the learner’s arrival at the desired terminal behavior. When written in behavioural terms, an objective will include three components: student behaviour, conditions of performance, and performance criteria. The behavioural /performance objectives are purposely written in a form that translates long term aims and goals into daily or short term actions.

What are the characteristics of a committee?

Characteristics of a committee is that they have, plans, goals and objectives of what they want to do.

What is the Basic concepts in writing instructional objectives?

A fain in the majority rule and an insistance upon minority rights.

What has the author Robert F MAGER written?

Robert F. MAGER has written: 'Preparing instructional objectives'

Characteristics of a good instructional materials?

it is consistent durable visible to our naked eye

What is the importance of instructions?

Instructional procedures is the soul of any discipline. It is the know-how in order to reach the objectives of every task.

What has the author William W Lynch written?

William W. Lynch has written Instructional objectives and the mentally retarded child.