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The egg can live 24 hours after it is first released from the follicle. If it does not get fertilized, the egg will disintegrate. If you had unprotected intercourse the few days leading up to ovulation, you could be pregnant. You can even get pregnant immediately after you release the egg, if thereare any awaiting sperm. Just keep in mind, even with ovulation predictor kits, you never know when you ovulate.

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Q: What are the odds of becoming pregnant after ovulation has already occurred?
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Can you already be pregnant before ovulation?


Can you ovulat when you are pregnant?

No because your body realizes that it is already pregnant and shuts down ovulation.

What is the probability that a woman get pregnant even if premenstrual syndrome had already occurred?

Your risk of getting pregnant is the same as any other time when you are fertile. Unless you are menopausal or pregnant, you have a chance of becoming pregnant from having sex.

Why is FSH no longer needed after ovulation?

FSH is Follicle Stimulating Hormone. You do not need it in the same month after ovulation has already occurred, but you need it each month before ovulation.

Would an ovulation kit detect ovulation if already pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you would not be ovulating. However, sometimes an ovulation test can be used to detect pregnancy. The test line must be darker than the control line.

What if you missed your ovulation day by 1 day can you still be pregnant?

NO, damage would be already done !

Is it possible to get pregnant 4 days after ovulation?

Yes it is possible. If you are worried you might be pregnant for about $16 - $30 you can get the morning after pill from the chemist without prescription. The morning after pill can be taken 72 hours after unprotected sex. The morning after pill is not an abortion pill and will not do anything if you are already pregnant - it will prevent you becoming pregnant, the same way the pill would if you took that.

Could you get pregnant if your period has already passed?

Well, of course. Menstruation is what prepares the uterus for the implantation of the fertilized egg during the ovulation that follows it. You can't get pregnant DURING your period (usually).

Can an ovulation test give a result of being pregnant already instead of ovulation results?

female body produce diferent hormones during ovulation and pregrance, LH one day before ovulation and HCG during pregrance.However both this hormones have simillarity and ovulation predictory kit can be used like e pregrance test, but pregrance test cant be used us ovulation test kit.

How long after your period are you able to make babys?

If a woman menstruates then she is already capable of becoming pregnant - ovulation occurs prior to menstruation. Typically during a 28 day cycle a woman will be fertile from days 7 through to days 16, although everyone's menstrual cycle is different.

What is the perfect tense of already occur?

The perfect tense of "already occur" is "has already occurred."

If I haven't ovulated yet this month and the ovulation kit comes up negative and the ovulation calendars say I should have already ovulated and I am having back pain and nausea Could I be pregnant?

Yes yes u should be. Good luck