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Although the University of Pennsylvania does not technically have a pre-med program, they have a great reputation for having their students enter med school. Penn has an awesome med-school too & it's an Ivy League. This would be my first recommendation.

Some other options, Penn State & University of Pittsburgh.

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Q: What are the top-ranked colleges for pre-med in Pennsylvania?
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Are there any colleges which offer courses in English in Pennsylvania?

There are three colleges that offer degrees in English in Pennsylvania. Those colleges are Pennsylvania State University, Slippery Rock University, and University of Pittsburgh.

What colleges or universities in Florida offer premed courses?

university of of florida........jacksonville university.......barry university. good stuff

Where can I find information about colleges in Pennsylvania on the Internet?

Well, I would recommend finding additional information about colleges in Pennsylvania from Colleges and Universities because they offer a wide database.

Where are the best colleges for theater in Pennsylvania?

There are a number of colleges and universities in Pennsylvania that specialize in theater. Here is a list of theater colleges and universities in Pennsylvania AND The best would probably be the program hosted at Muhlenberg College.

The Benefits of Attending College in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is home to a large variety of colleges and universities. Many of the colleges in Pennsylvania offer a wide variety of degree programs. For many students, one of the main benefits of attending college in Pennsylvania is the history of the state. Many Pennsylvania colleges are steeped in history and are known as some of the best colleges in the nation. Another benefit of attending a college in Pennsylvania is the cultural diversity found in many cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

What division 1 colleges are in Pennsylvania?


Which are the best colleges for premaid?

First of all, you need to write better English ("premed" not "premaid") if you hope to get into medical school some day.Premed programs at nearly any public four-year institution in the United States are good, as are the premed programs at private schools in the Ivy League, Stanford, etc. If money is a factor, there are strong premed programs at community colleges, too--check out the ones in your area.However, keep in mind that you don't necessarily need a premed degree to go into medical school. As long as you meet the course admission requirements for a later medical degree program, it might be worth considering majoring in something else (e.g. American literature, mathematics, history, etc.).

What are the top ranked premed schools?

"Premed" is not usually a major and few colleges have an official premed program; however there are colleges that are said to be strong in "premed" due to their effectiveness at sending their students into medical schools. These colleges tend to have a supportive network for premedical students consisting of comprehensive advising, academic mentoring, and numerous opportunities in extracurriculars and academics (ie. research). Colleges renowned for such high-quality premedical programs include University of Pennsylvania, Washington University in St. Louis, Duke University, Rice University, and Johns Hopkins University. Several of the Ivy League institutions have very strong programs as well. Of course, factors that may affect some of an university's medical school matriculation statistics include policies that allow only the stronger premedical students to apply for medical school; difficult introductory science courses that "weed out" a bulk of students; and the fact that the student body at upper-ranked universities generally tend to be of a high caliber and possess qualities that propel them through the difficult premedical track. Interestingly, most of the aforementioned programs have competitive US News Rankings and particularly strong biology departments as well. When choosing a premedical school, consider the school's resources as well as your personal abilities compared with the intensity of the school pool; choose the school where you will most strive as a student.

What Division 1 colleges have men's swimming programs?

There are many division 1 colleges that have men's swimming programs. Some of these include the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Minnesota, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Massachusetts.

Is Rutgers university good for premed?

Yes, Rutgers University is good for premed. To get into Rutgers, one will need to apply at the admissions office.

How many states does Pennsylvania have?

The Pennsylvania directory shows 401 colleges and universities throughout the state. This list includes technical institutions and specialty schools such as beauty colleges.

What were the first four colleges in America?

Harvard University Princeton Yale University of Pennsylvania