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You receive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses

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What should you do before taking the PSAT?

Use the sample questions that the college board provides.

Should you do before taking the PSAT?

Use the sample questions that the college board provides.

When taking the Aspire test or PSAT it is a good idea to?

answer the easiest question first

Where can a home-schooled student take the psat test?

Home-schooled students must contact a local public school principle to arrange for taking the PSAT test. The student's test scores will be mailed to their home address.

Taking Practice PSAT Tests?

Also known as the NMSQT or National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, the PSAT or Preliminary SAT is a standardized test issued in the United States by the college board. There are close to 3.5 million students who are taking this examination annually, primarily high school sophomores and juniors. The scores from this examination are primarily used to determine the eligibility for students to enter into the NMSP or National Merit Scholarship Program.Practice PSAT TestsThe best way for a student to guarantee solid performance on an examination is to prepare. Students who plan on taking the PSAT examination can benefit from taking practice PSAT tests prior to the big day. There are several advantages offered by taking a practice examination prior to the actual exam date.Practice PSAT tests allow you to get a feel for the subject matter that the examination is going to touch on.Practice PSAT tests make it possible to see what types of questions are going to be on the examination, as well as the difficulty level of the questions on the examination.Practice PSAT tests make it possible for students to gain an understanding of what the test format is like so that there are no surprises.While this is a standardized test, it is different from other standardized exams that students may have taken in the past. As such, having a thorough understanding of what to expect is going to give students a leg up over other test takers.Practice PSAT tests come in many forms, both in print and online. Students can benefit from putting time and effort into planning and preparing for this examination prior to taking it. Remember that test preparation is about more than just knowing the subject matter. Knowing what to expect from the examination itself will also go far in allowing you to perform well on this examination. A practice examination will give you an advantage both in basic test taking skills, and having the right preparation for the subject matter at hand.Remember that the more you prepare, the better you will do. You should never go into an examination blind without knowing what the test is going to be like. A little bit of preparation can really go a long way in allowing you to succeed when taking tests such as this one.

Is there anyway you can get psat scores again if you lost them?

PSAT scores are sent to the schools, so if you have lost your PSAT scores, ask the guidance counselor at your school for the score report.

Where can I go for PSAT prep online? psat is preliminary schlostic aptitude test.

Do colleges see PSAT scores?

Yes they check your PSAT SAT and grades and everything else

What do the percentiles on the psat score report mean?

how students compare with other psat test takers

What has a maximum score of 240?

psat test score PSAT, the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test

What is the PSAT prep course schedule?

Yes, you will have to attend class everyday to take the PSAT the PSAT is a Test that will tell colleges how smart you are and will help you get in to Universities. Hopefully you are smart enough!

How to Prepare for the PSAT Test?

One of the most important things a student will do in his or her academic career is take the SAT. Many people spend a good deal of time worrying about what kind of score they will receive. One way to be much more confident is to take something called the PSAT. PSAT stands for pre-SAT. It is a test you can take prior to taking the SAT as preparation for the later exam. It is mostly taken during the ninth or tenth grade of high school. The PSAT test is designed and administered by the College Board, an educational institution with national recognition. The PSAT is designed to mimic the SAT. The questions asked are rather similar. For the PSAT test, this will include three main categories of questions. These categories are math, reading and writing. Each section must be completed within a certain time limit. Math and reading both have a time limit of 50 minutes. For reading, this time limit is 30 minutes. The PSAT test is composed of 125 problems. The answers to these questions are scored very similarly to how the problems on the SAT are scored. This involves weighing each question on the exam evenly. It also involves each section of the exam being given a different score ranging from 20 up to 80. Doing well on the PSAT test requires knowing what to study for the exam. Obviously, one should study skills and knowledge related to math, critical reading and writing since those are the subjects tested by the exam. However, it will be advantageous to know what form the questions on the test will take. To find this out, a student should find and complete sample PSAT test questions. There are many practice test questions for the PSAT available online. Some of these can be found on the College Board's website for the PSAT. Books of practice PSAT questions are also available for purchase. Students can also do other things to prepare for the exam. Lots of schools offer prep courses a student can take. Hiring a tutor to help a student study for the exam is another option. Strategies should also be used when taking the test. This can provide certain advantages. For example, it is indeed better to guess the answer on an exam question than to leave it blank. A prep book designed for the PSAT will also list other strategies a student may find useful when completing the test.