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I'm going to start by saying that people who are younger than 16 should not be having sex. However, because I know that a majority of teens are going to ignore this advice, here are some things you should do:

Use a condom. Nothing, nothing, NOTHING can prevent getting a girl pregnant or getting yourself a good ol' STD better than a simple condom. The best is latex, but if you cannot use it (due to Allergies or other reasons) then sheep skin is the next best choice. They can be purchased at most pharmacy's and there is no age limit (meaning you don't have to be 18 to buy them). Purchasing condoms may be embarrassing but they are absolutely necessary if you intend to have sex and don't want a kid or are unsure about the health of your partner.

A lubricant will be desirable if the female is young or does not appear to be very developed in order to prevent uncomfortable tightness. The best type of lubricant to use is any type of hand cream or, my personal preference, baby lotion. It's smooth, slick, long-lasting, and doesn't eat through latex condoms.

A private place! Do it when you're home alone. Do it in an upstairs bedroom. Make sure you have enough time to do it and finish before the adults come home. Make sure you can pull out and clean up fast. DO NOT SHUT YOUR DOOR! Although you may be tempted in order to increase privacy, it is more important that you are able to hear if anyone comes home unexpected. Trust me, nothing is worse than being caught in the act.

In conclusion, I repeat once again that it is advised that you do not have sex unless you are at LEAST 16. If you do this and get someone pregnant, get an STD, or get caught, please be aware that you have been warned.

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Q: What care should be taken when having intercourse in very young age?
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