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It would certainly help to know what state you are looking at, but may I recommend Washington state University?:)

To find a school for you, try the American Dietetic Association's website at:

Click on "Careers and Student" and go from there.

Good luck!

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Q: What colleges have nutrition dietician majors?
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What is a dietician?

A specialist in the study of nutrition; Source: webnetweb A dietitian (also 'dietician', though 'dietitian' is used consistently by professionals) is an expert in food and nutrition. Source: wikipedia

Who is the Dietician connected with the Vancouver company Urban Nutrition?

The Dietician connected with the Vancouver company Urban Nutrition is Maria Thomas. She is specialized in health, wellness and fitness. She is from Vancouver, Canada.

Who specializes in nutrition and food planning?

A licensed dietician or nutritionist .

What do you call a person who works with Diet?

Such a person is a dietician, being an expert on diet and nutrition.

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What is nutrition expert called?

A nutritionist is an expert in nutrition. That is to say, what you eat or don't eat.

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Information on Nutrition Colleges?

A person, who is interested in entering the field of nutrition to pursue a career as a food inspector, nutrition counselor, registered dietician, service manager, and other areas of nutrition, may want to check out the requirements needed to accomplish their goal. Nutrition majors may be required to take classes that cover how aging, pregnancy, and exercise affect nutritional needs and how the human body utilizes food. Many programs carry heavy course requirements involving science such as microbiology, anatomy, physiology and organic chemistry.Technical, university, and college school bachelor’s degrees are more prevalent amongst nutrition majors. Some students further their education and earn masters degrees. Associates degrees and certificates offered at technical schools, nutrition colleges, online schools, community colleges, and 4-year universities.There are nutrition majors that have a passion and desire to help people with incorporating a healthier lifestyle so they go the extra mile and learn the latest news on super foods or fad diets. The have an awareness the appropriate nutrition counseling can do wonders to change a person’s life.Selecting a Nutrition SchoolThere are a variety of career colleges, technical schools, four-year colleges, universities, and nutrition colleges for those interested in joining a nutrition program. To make the selection that is suited for you a close look at prospective programs and course requirements are needed to determine your career field objectives. There will be a significant amount of time spent at science labs, so you should make sure they are up to date on their curriculums. Whether you want to work as a dietetic technician or a registered dietician, in order to work in nutrition most state requires you to pass a licensing exam and a seeking out a reputable school that will prepare you for your career is very important.Degree Programs in NutritionAssociate career training and 1-2 year certificate programs are available to nutrition majors. Those who graduate will be qualified for beginner level careers in that may include positions as a dietetic technician. Courses may encompass food service management, dietetics, minerals and vitamins, nutritional science and more depending on requirements of the program. For those currently working in the nutritional field and want to increase their level of expertise in areas such as holistic nutrition or plant-based nutrition, certificate programs are an excellent choice.Those who want to work as registered dietitians, a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from a university,nutrition colleges, or technical school is needed. Each of these four-year programs has a weightier concentration on the sciences where a person can qualify to give expert health and meal plan advice. Those taking these programs can expect courses such as medical nutrition therapy, microbiology, and organic and anatomy chemistry. The following are examples of nutrition degree programs:• A certificate program in nutrition• A two year associates degree program in nutrition• Bachelors degree programs in nutrition• Masters degree programs in nutrition.Nutrition Field CareersThere has been a rise in the field of nutrition in recent years due to public awareness of health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and disease prevention. A nutrition major that holds advanced degrees and training will have greater opportunities for the best career choices. A specialization in a field such as renal and diabetic or gerontaological nutrition will prepare and individual to secure optimal nutritional positions and meet the current trends of the day.Most nutritionists and dietician’s work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing care facilities, or outpatient care centers. Some also work in food services management, government health departments, schools, spas or their own private counseling practices.

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