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Province of Quebec, Canada

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Q: What country has pq for abbreviation?
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What country is PQ?

PQ is not the abbreviation for any country. It is important to provide the correct abbreviation or context for a more accurate answer.

Was mailing abbreviation for Quebec ever PQ?

PQ is the abbreviation of Provincial political party,Quebec.

What was the PQ?

The old abbreviation for the Province of Québec of PQ has been officially replaced by QC

Why is the abbreviation of Quebec PQ?

Province of Quebec

What is the abbreviation for Queensland?

QC. The old abbreviation PQ is also accepted.

What country or region is PQ?

Province of Quebec, Canada

What does pq stand for in Canada?

Parti Québécois, a national political party that operates only in Québec. It was also the abbreviation for the Province of Québec before 1992, when the official 2-letter abbreviation changed to QC.

YE is the country abbreviation for what country?

YE is the country abbreviation for Yemen.

What is the country abbreviation for Bahamas?

Country Abbreviation for Nassau, Bahamas

What country has the abbreviation MOR?

The country with the abbreviation MOR is Morocco.

El is the country abbreviation for what country?

El is the country abbreviation for the country of El Salvador.

What is IQ and PQ?

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient and is a measure of a person's cognitive abilities relative to their age group. It is often assessed through standardized tests and is used to gauge intellectual potential. PQ, on the other hand, is not a widely recognized abbreviation. It could refer to various things such as the power quality, physical fitness, or a specific measurement in a particular context. Without more context, it is difficult to provide a specific answer for PQ.