What do fertility pills do?

Updated: 11/6/2022
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They do the opposite of Birth Control - the purpose is ovulation. Sometimes the object is superovulation. In order to fertilize multiple mature eggs at one time to be returned by IVF or IUI - at a later date.

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Q: What do fertility pills do?
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What are the risk of fertility pills?

main risk of fertility pills is multiple pregnancy. twins, triplets, qudruplets...... that may complecate pregnancy, otherwise fertility pills are safe.

Why do your doctor have to prescribe fertility pills to you?

To help you get pregnant

Should you continue taking fertility pills after becoming pregnant?


Will you need to take fertility pills to get pregnant since your menstrual is irregular?

If you and your potential baby's father are young and healthy, I would wait on the fertility should learn to track your fertility using the basal body temp and cervical mucus methods...all easy to learn by reading....if after 6 months to one year of this not producing a pregancy, then maybe fertility pills, or fertility help of any kind would be helpful...good luck

If you take feritlity pills when you can get pregnant will you still increase your chance of having multiples?

if i take a fertility pills when i got pregnant/

Me and my boyfriend are trying to have a baby. we have already tried with fertility pills what may be the problem?

The first problem is that you aren't married. If fertility pills aren't helping, I would suggest consulting with the doctor, not posting on a public board.

Where can you get over the counter fertility drugs?

None; you need a prescription. They do not offer fertility pills OTC. However, I found on this website called FertilAid. They actually have fertility pills for both men and women and you do not need a prescription. Another website that may help also is Fairhaven Health. Fairhaven Health also has the FertilAid pills. So either site will work. Actually there is Fertility Blend and Procreation for both men and women. You can find them in herbal shops, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe

What happens if you take fertility pills 2 years after tubal ligation?

I have had a tubal 5 years ago and i want another kid. Is it possible to have a heathly baby if i take fertility pills now? My tubes are only tied.

If you repeatedly miss your birth control pills will this affect your fertility?

Yes, missing birth control pills increases the likelihood of getting pregnant.

What is the percentage of a woman taking fertility pills and becominmg pregnant?

less than 1%

What pills can be taken to get triplets?

Bad idea. There are some fertility drugs, but they have to be prescribed by a doctor.. and in odd cases result in things like occupants. I'd say, just go the natural way.

Can an egg be implanted in uterus and fertilized naturally?

i think so but most people use fertility pills.