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Q: What do you call a female maestro?
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What is a female maestro called?

Also called a maestro. Not maestra, maestro. Like a female doctor is a doctor, not a doctress.

What actors and actresses appeared in Call of the Maestro - 2010?

The cast of Call of the Maestro - 2010 includes: Fahimuddin Dagar as Main Interviewee

What is the spanish plural for teachers?

Un profesor is a male teacher Una profesora is a female teacher Also, maestro or maestra works as well. So, profesor/maestro (male teacher) profesora/maestra (female teacher)

What is the word for teacher mean in spanish?

maestro (male) maestra (female)

Translate teacher in Spanish term?

Profesor/a Maestro/a (Male/female)

What is the word teachers in spanish?

Maestro (male) maestra (female). Profesor or profesora

What are the release dates for Arthur Fiedler Just Call Me Maestro - 1979 TV?

Arthur Fiedler Just Call Me Maestro - 1979 TV was released on: USA: 18 March 1979

What does the Spanish word maestro mean?

Although the literal English translation of "maestro" is "master," the word is most commonly used to mean "teacher."

What do you call conductor of classical music?

Another term for conductor is Maestro.

What teachers are known as in spanish?

'Maestras' for female teachers, or 'maestros' for male teachers 'Maestra' for a female teacher, or 'maestro' for a male teacher

What is male student in spanish?

The Spanish word for a male teacher is maestro. Also, you can use the word professor. For female teachers, it is maestra and profesora.

How do you say Happy retirement in Spanish?

You can say "Soy maestro jubilado", or "Soy maestra jubilada" for a female.