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metzuyenet (מצוינת) = "excellent" (feminine singular)

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metzuyan (מצויין) = "excellent"

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Mitzuyon is used to mean excellent, because Hebrew is a biblical language still being re-created to include modernity, like bicycle, atom, screws etc.

Hebrew is an action language inflected to create verbs.

Each word is built upon roots that when given a vowel (one per root)

and combined to form a verb, that verb can be inflected with prefixes, suffixes and infixes which tells you who did it, the object and whether the action is complete or incomplete.

Semitic languages cannot be literally translated into Indo-European languages, one has to ask "What was the action" and then use the best fit.

Mitzuyon has three roots.


Mi = who, Tzu = to raise up or look up and Yon = Elyon (God)

So strictly speaking, Mitzuyon means you that you have have looked

looked up to God to be inspired to do good.

Lesser achievements are usually praised with Kol hacovod (all the honour).

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Q: What does 'Metzuyan' mean in hebrew?
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