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Q: What does Kira symbolize in gathering blue?
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What is the resolution in Gathering Blue?

Kira Rocks

What was the gifts Matt gave kira in the book gathering blue?

the color blue and kira's dad christopher

What is exposition of gathering blue?

The exposition in Gathering Blue is Kira is in a small cott in her small villiage

In gathering blue what does kiras father do?

Kira's father is dead before the events of "Gathering Blue." He was a skilled dyer and artist who passed his talent down to Kira.

What is stopping Kira from making the color blue in Gathering Blue?

Nobody knew how to make it.

How did Annabella die in gathering blue?

Annabella died of old age in "Gathering Blue." She was Kira's mentor and taught her valuable skills in weaving and dyeing. Annabella's death was a significant loss for Kira, but her teachings and wisdom lived on through Kira.

What is Kira accused of in Gathering Blue?

In "Gathering Blue" by Lois Lowry, Kira is accused of murdering her mother. However, it is later revealed that she is not guilty of the crime, as her mother was actually killed by a beast in the surrounding forest.

How does kira make the blue dye in gathering blue?

Kira never actually makes blue in the book. She has just received a blue dye plant and planted it when the story ends.

What did kira tell jamison about Matt in the book gathering blue?

In "Gathering Blue," Kira tells Jamison that Matt is a kind-hearted and helpful boy. She describes him as resourceful and always willing to assist others in need. Kira appreciates Matt's friendship and values his loyalty.

What items do Kira and Thomas each make gathering blue?

Kira made a cloth and Thomas made a box with neat carvings in it. That's the answer. :/

What did Kira Thomas and Matt find in gathering blue?

In "Gathering Blue" by Lois Lowry, Kira, Thomas, and Matt discover a hidden room in the council Edifice where Kira's father worked. Inside, they find examples of beautiful embroidered cloth, supplies for dyeing, and a loom. This discovery leads Kira to realize the value of her talents and the possibility of creating something meaningful for her community.

Who is jamison in gathering blue?

Jamison is the elderly guardian and mentor of the main character, Kira, in the novel "Gathering Blue" by Lois Lowry. He oversees Kira's training as a weaver and also acts as a mediator in their society's disputes. Jamison plays a crucial role in guiding Kira and helping her navigate the challenges she faces.