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when you say it to girl it's< bahebek >

when you say it to man it's <bahebak> in arabic

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love = "Hob" حُبّ

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Q: What does love mean in Arabic and urdu?
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Wahashtini ya habibi means in urdu?

"Wahashtini ya habibi" is Arabic, not Urdu... Urdu language is mostly Indian mixed with a little bit of Persian and Arabic. Wahashtini ya habibi: I miss you my love!

What does the name ANNAM mean?

In Arabic it is outgrow. In Urdu it means income.

What does alifya mean?

it means unique or 'anokha' in Urdu. its an Arabic name :)

Me tum se pyar karta hoon habibi shukriya?

I am in love with you Habibi ( Like lover or my love) Shukriya Thank you The first part is in URDU Habibi is Arabic Shukriya is URDU

What does duniya mean?

it means world in urdu and Arabic and maybe even Persian

What does the urdu word sajan mean?

My Love

What does Florida means in Arabic and in Urdu?

Florida actually derives from Spanish where it means "flowery land". It has no meaning in Arabic or Urdu.

What does babar mean?

Babar mean majesty in Indo Arabic Language of Urdu. A Majestic lion is known as Babar Sher.

Why does Urdu use the Arabic alphabet so weird?

This is because Urdu is a combination of Arabic, English, Persian, Sanskrit, Pashto and Turkish.

Urdu is a combination of Hindi with what languages?

The answer you're looking for is Urdu, however, this is not actually true. Urdu is a dialect of Hindi written with the Arabic alphabet. It also contains many loan words from Arabic and Persian. But it is not a combination of two languages.

What is rasmul khat of urdu?

rasmul khat meaning in urdu

Is Urdu Arabic?

No, Urdu is not Arabic. Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language that developed in the Indian subcontinent, while Arabic is a Semitic language primarily spoken in the Arab world. However, Urdu does borrow a significant number of words from Arabic due to its historical and cultural interactions with the Arabic-speaking world.