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When something happens over a long period of time

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Q: What does secondary effects mean?
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Are there any secondary effects of the kashmir earthquake?


Does herbalife have any secondary effects?

Is it f d a approved

What are the primary and secondary effects in flooding in Cornwall?

floodinggg :D

Are aftershocks the primary or secondary effects of an earthquake?

Aftershocks are considered secondary effects of an earthquake. They occur as the Earth's crust adjusts to the stress changes caused by the initial earthquake. Aftershocks can sometimes be strong enough to cause further damage and are a natural part of the earthquake cycle.

What were some primary effects effects which happened during the quake of the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 And what were some secondary effects of it effects which happened afterwards ta?

people died

What were the primary and secondary effects of the Mt St Helen's eruption?

The primary effect of the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980 was the massive release of ash, rock, and hot gases that devastated the surrounding landscape. The secondary effects included lahars (mudflows) caused by melting snow and ice, as well as the destruction of forests, rivers, and wildlife habitats.

What were the primary and secondary effects of the Japanese Tsunami 2011?

Buildings collapsed People buried

What is the difference between a hormone and a secondary messenger?

Hormones are signaling molecules secreted by glands into the bloodstream to target distant cells, while secondary messengers are molecules produced inside cells in response to hormone signaling, amplifying and transmitting the signal to the cell's interior. Hormones act at a distance, while secondary messengers act within the cell to relay and amplify signaling.

What does secundario mean in spanish?


What were the secondary effects of the japan earthquake 2011?

The secondary effects of the Japan earthquake were fires, gas line explosions, and a resulting major tsunami, which in turn was responsible for damage to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Destruction to Plumbing and sewer system could led to disease due to build up of waste. Additional secondary effects were collapsed bridges and other structures due to destabilization caused by the strong shaking.

What were the secondary effects of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake?

conjested hospitals roads and even damages

Is a abandoned logging area likely for secondary succession?

it depends on what you mean by secondary succession. you mean taking it over? to replant or to cut again?