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Shalom chaverim is the more traditional transliteration. The ch is pronounced like the ch in the names Bach and Loch Ness. Shalom translates as peace. Chaver means friend or more accurately, comrade or coworker, and the im ending turns it into a plural, so a good translation would be "peace, comrades."

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Q: What does shalom havayreem mean?
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What does the name shalom mean?

Shalom Means Peace in Hebrew

What does shalom azzizam mean in engligh?

Shalom means "Peace" but azzizam is not Hebrew.

What does havenu shalom mean?

I think you mean "heveinu shalom" (הבינו שלום), which means "we brought peace"

What does Sabot shalom mean?

if you mean Shabbat Shalom, it means "A peaceful Sabbath". But what you wrote actually means "Grandmothers of peace"

What does har shalom mean?

Shalom is a Hebrew word meaning peace, completeness and welfare. It can also mean hello and goodbye.

What does the word shalom mean?

shalom (שלום) means "peace" Shalom = שלום It's also used as a greeting similar to "hello" and "goodbye"

What does Beth shalom mean?

Beth Shalom is Europeanized Hebrew for Beit shalom (בית שלום) which means "house of peace."

What does shalom ah mean?

shalom (שלום) means peace, but "ah" has no meaning in this sentence.

What does 'Shalom shalom' mean?

Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace. Shalom is used as a greeting like "hello" in English. "Shalom shalom" is often used like "bye bye" is used in English. The repetition of a word is used for emphasis. Biblically, 'shalom shalom', has been translated, 'perfect peace' (see Isaiah 26:3). The thought is complete peace, total peace.

What does hesed and shalom mean?

hesed (חסד) means loving kindness and shalom (שלום) means peace.

What does Aleve a shalom mean in English?

Shalom means peace, but "aleve a" is not Hebrew, so I can't translate it.

What does ''shalom elohim'' mean?

"Hello, God." Shalom Elohi: Godly peace.