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avodat parech (עבודת פרך) = "work of your bull" (when addressing a female).

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Q: What does the Hebrew phrase avodat parech mean?
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What does Hebrew Pentecostal mean?

There is no such phrase in Judaism or in the Hebrew language.

What does avodat kfiah mean?

עבודת כפיה = forced labor.

What does the Hebrew phrase agudas achim mean?

It's Ashkenazic Hebrew for "Society of Brothers". In sefardic Hebrew, it would be agudat achim.

What does the Hebrew phrase 'bam maw' mean?

This is not Hebrew, but it is close to the Hebrew word Bamah, which means "stage".

What does o solo tahara mean in Hebrew?

This phrase is not Hebrew or English. If you can tell me what it means in English, then I can translate it into Hebrew for you.

What does hana nau in ancient Hebrew mean?

This phrase has no meaning in Hebrew. In fact, the vowel combination "au" does not exist in Hebrew.

What does the Hebrew phrase mah zeh mean?

mah zeh (מה זה) = "what is this" or "what is that"

What does the Hebrew word maco mean?

maco is not a Hebrew word. (makka means strike or hit, and "ma kore?" is the Hebrew phrase "What's up?")

Is oui vey Hebrew?

No. If you mean "Oy vey", this is a Yiddish phrase that means Oh gosh. (There is no such phrase as "oui vey".)

How do you write he is risen in Hebrew?

He is risen = hu alá (הוא עלה)In modern Hebrew this phrase can mean "He immigrated to Israel"

What is the Hebrew word for Trina god?

There is no Hebrew word for "Trina god". (I can't even tell what that phrase is supposed to mean in English.)

What does Al bi mean in Hebrew?

Al bi has no meaning in Hebrew as a phrase, but as separate words: ahl (על) = "on" bi (בי) = 'in me"