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It means "chorus."

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Q: What does the Japanese word gassho mean in English?
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What does the Japanese word Seizonsha mean in English?

In English the Japanese word Seizonsha means Survivor.

What does Japanese word wong mean in English?

There is no Japanese word pronounced "wong".

What does the word si mean in Japanese?

there is no word si in English

What does deca mean in Japanese?

deca in English is ten so in Japanese is ju however if you question is what does the Japanese word Deka mean in English its big

What does the word mizu mean to the Japanese culture?

The word mizu in Japanese translated into English is water

What does Kyoukai mean?

"Kyoukai" is a Japanese word and in English it means "Church"

What is the word that mean little when translated from English to Japanese?

Little in Japanese is Sukoshi

What does the Japanese word Minna mean in English?


What does this Japanese word mean in English arubamu?


What does the Japanese word Fukai mean in English?


What does the Japanese word Manatsu mean in English?


What does the Japanese word ru mean in English?

exile (outdated word)